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Invest in the World’s Biggest Sports Revolution with Marathonz

Marathonz is a project that mixes sport, games, metaverse and artificial intelligence, it is a revolution for those who love innovative technology. You can invest in one of the biggest sports projects.
Marathonz was born as an idea during a business discussion between its three founders in early 2017. The goal was to create a product that would be able to mix different technologies in order to offer a unique experience to users.
After almost two years of development, the project is now ready to be launched. The team is composed of experts in the field of blockchain, gaming, and artificial intelligence.

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Invest in the Revolution of Sport, Games and Metaverse Technology.

Revolutionize the future of sports with Marathonz - a cutting-edge project that seamlessly blends AI, metaverse and gaming into an unparalleled marathon experience. Join us in investing in this game-changing opportunity to advance the world of technology and sports. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of something truly innovative!

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